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***WHEN YOU AGREE TO PRIVACY POLICY YOU AGREE TO OUR TERMS OF USE and DISCLAIMER*** respects the privacy of information of its members and visitors. We, as a leading global provider of research services, firmly believe that it would not be possible for us to operate successfully in today's cutthroat marketplace without emphasizing on proper, ethical, and stringent policies & procedures to keep in terms with international regulations.

The Privacy and Security Policy of this website describes in detail what information is collected by us from members and visitors and how the collected information is used. collects basic information about the computers of visitors, including:
This information is collected to serve requirements and expectations of our visitors in the best possible ways. For example, we make use of the collected information to identify what website pages are most frequently visited, what browsers are most commonly used by visitors, etc.

SarmsX will never make use of your personal and critical information for any purpose than to offer you the best services that you request us to offer or as permitted by law. We will NEVER share your information for any purpose to any third party.

Some pages and sections of the website could be password protected and would require you to register and login (as "Registered users"). You may be asked to provide your email address to us to become a "Registered user". This is collected to inform you regularly with reference to important updates about our website and to send basic information about existing or new services available through us. You may decide to opt out of receiving emails in some instances, but not all. We DO NOT share, sell, or disclose your email address to any third party.

We have adopted stringent security standards as we respect privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of our members and visitors and their information. We request our members and visitors of our website to frequently visit the site to stay updated about any changes to the Privacy policy.