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SR9009 is better known as Stenabolic. It mostly has the attributes that SARMs have but it closely associates itself to the ligand called Rev-Erba. To put it in simple terms, SR9009 is a highly active substance that comes as a result of protein binding.

The popularity of this compound has been on the rise recently. It’s one of the latest pharmacology innovations and has been showing good results in aiding fat loss and increasing stamina based on the latest animal testing done by different research.

Stenabolic’s Origin

The substance was developed by Thomas Burris, a professor in Scripps Research Institute. It closely associates with Rev-Erba ligand and is capable of being swallowed. The make-up of the compound was found to be peculiar as it aids in stimulating the Rev-Erba protein which in turn makes it highly-influential in different regulatory systems of the human body.

For instance, it’s been found to control the glucose and lipid mechanisms, control fat-storing cells, and even regulate circadian rhythms. It also influences macrophages and as well as the metabolism of lipid and glucose. It’s also been observed to increase stamina and endurance among the animals used during testing.

The Benefits of Stenabolic (SR9009)

Stenabolic produces a host of benefits to the lab tested animals. Most of these effects involve cellular level activity which may be hard to understand by common users but here they are in simple terms:

  • Increases endurance as it increases mitochondria (power house) activity in cells
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Influences glucose and lipid metabolism
  • Inhibits the creation of fat-storing cells
  • Safe to use and non-toxic

NOTE: Tests were only done on animals and not yet on humans. This substance is only intended for research and testing and not as a human performance enhancer.

Possible Side Effects

As of today, there are no known side effects of Stenabolic. Animal tests have not found any harmful effects in taking safe doses of the substance. Side effects such as the suppression of testosterone production have not been observed since Stenabolic does not disrupt hormone production.




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